5 things to consider for Crab in da Bag – Finger Linkin Good





One of my favourites, finger lickin good.  Southern Louisiana seafood poured on your table

1. Bring at least 6-8 friends and go for the 6-8 pax set. Comes with lobster.

2. Wear a bib

3. Wear casual, no long-sleeves.

4. Don’t go with people you’re trying to impress. No time to talk.

5. Come hungry. Come punctual. I’m coming back.

There’s squid, maize, lobster, prawns, clams, crabs. Very fresh. Quite pricey too.  I like my seafood steamed (instead of black pepper or chilli crab), so this is really my thing.  A friend said, she’d prefer to boil it herself. Its possible to get very fresh seafood at the source in Jurong, Senoko Fishery.

Check out recipe for Louisiana seafood boil:


Wholesale fish market in Jurong

Wholesale fish market in Senoko

Unfortunately, its best eaten in a group of 8 pax, as the menu comes in two choices, either for 4 or 8 pax.

Opened from 4pm to 11pm, closed on Monday.

Block D Unit #01-25
902 East Coast Parkway. Big Splash Singapore 449874
Tel: +65 6440 0083 Fax: +65 6440 0091


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