High Art in High Street – walk down Raffles Place Part 1



I know of some friends who hate to be around their office during weekends. Not to work, but appreciate the surroundings at a leisurely place. Even some at the Parks and Recreation, do not want anything to do with their workplace on weekends. So much for work and play intermixed. The two don’t mix.

Today, while sending himself to take a train, I dropped him off at Raffles Place, which is one of two interchange hubs for the NS line and EW line. Without the hustle and bustle and the people around, enjoying the sculptures.

Henry Moore's Reclining Figure

Henry Moore’s Reclining Figure

International artists alongside local ones.

Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali’s Homage to Newton, Cast in 1985

Botero's Bird

Botero’s Bird

Essentially Essential

Essentially Essential

Israeli artist David Gerstein's Momentum

Israeli artist David Gerstein’s Momentum

David Gerstein’s Momentum reminds me of the Tower of Babel. Sure enough, right at the top, he has a man reaching for the sun. I hope not, because we know the outcome of the Tower of Babel. Let’s hope its heavenwards.

So the next time you’re here to do your banking, take a walk along the river bank, pause and appreciate the sculptures. Whatever, it is, avoid the crowd at peak hours.

Recommended: Check out the TWG boutique for some of the finest tea.  Have a drink at Penny Black or Harry’s. Check out the latest Financial gossip.

Or just grab a sandwich and admire the sculptures. Or check out Shinji at OUE building.


He seems to be staring at a tribute to LKY


Queue for newspaper the day LKY's death was announced

Queue for newspaper the day LKY’s death was announced

David Foster flying saucer of a Supreme Court

David Foster flying saucer of a Supreme Court

Singapore river

Singapore river

High Art in High Street: Part 2


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