Easy peasy cooking

AMC pot

AMC pot

salmon on broccolli

salmon on broccoli sitting on the induction Navigenio


Crackling pork done in 1 hr

Crackling pork done in 1 hr

Recently, a gracious and hospital hostess invited us to her home to try her latest toy, this AMC pot. If you get a set with the Navigenio, it comes up to $2000. Should I not have my Le Creuset pots or an oven/ stove, I would consider this an extremely good investment.

This is perfect for people who travel, such as my colleagues who’re constantly relocating to different countries for their spouse’s work. You can cook a full meal, with 3 dishes in less than one hour.

No more worry if your spouse decides to bring a colleague over for dinner, and you have no house help. Another special equipment I have been recommended by friends is a Thermomix, which can bake, cook porridge, act as a food processor, cook soup, all in one, and doesn’t take up space. My excuse has always been, I’ll get it when I go to Malaysia, because just like AMC, its sold via pyramid marketing concept of word of mouth.

Another important lesson when choosing a cookware for the uninitiated is that preferably you’ve friends using it. My very dear friend who influenced me to buy a sous vide is now in Cambodia, so my sous vide is sitting in the storeroom, which is why I’m thinking twice before buying a new toy. Plus the sealing machine.

AMC comes with cooking classes. For S$10, you get a cooking demonstration of 3 dishes and enjoy the food and company.

Back to the salmon on vegetables. It was baked in under 10 mins, with no oil, using the oil of the salmon to cook the vegetables to tenderness. I’ve tried to replicate this wrapping fish in parchment paper. 5 mins on either side.

As for the roast pork, simply irreplaceable.

1. Rub with Chinese 5 spice powder or other spices (I usually marinate with coriander powder as himself seems to get the itch with 5 spice.)

2. Run with sea salt, using Maldon or better quality type.

3. Pat dry with paper towel, and keep in fridge overnight, preferably for two nights. The idea is to dry out the skin so you get the crackling effect.  Traditionally, you’ve to prick the skin to let the fat ooze out. There’s no need to do so with AMC pot.

4. Cook it with a “steamer pot”, so that the fat drizzles out to the bottom pot. [Imagine two pots stacking on top of the other.] This takes about 45 mins. Turn over the Navigenio which acts as a stove or a grill for 10mins.

Beauty of the AMC pot comes with the knob which prevents you from over-cooking/ overbaking. It comes with a sensor which stops cooking at the desired timing. As I follow baking recipes, I realise that a good cook is able to hold the timing precise, so that food is not over-cooked.  Hence, going for the workshop with tried/tested recipes is necessary unless you want to experiment.


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