Easy Cream Cheese cake- no bake

How convenient. Went to a baking class, and brought a simple no bake birthday cake for my sister-in-law.  Maybe that’s what I’ll do in future, sign up for a baking class when there’s a birthday celebration.  I get to practice, and no worry of who to give the cake to.

Phoon Huat at Sim’s Lane:

Biscuit Base
40 gm fine sugar
50gm unsalted butter (melted)
120 gm oreo biscuit or any black choc biscuit

1. Blend biscuit to coarse texture. If in small quantity, put in plastic bag, seal and crush with rolling pin.
2. Put all ingredients into a bowl and mix well.
3. Put into a 7 inch cake ring and press firmly

Cheese filling
250gm Cream cheese
60gm condensed milk
1 tsp orange zest
200 gm Whipping cream
1tsp gelatine powder
3 tbsp. hot water
80gm dark couverture (melted)
6 pc oreo biscuit as above

1. Mix cream cheese, zest and condensed milk till creamy
2. Whip up whipping cream to soft peak and add to (1).
3. Add the choc coverture to mixture and blend well with spatula. (Do not use a spatula in case the cream is deflated.)
4.Dissolve gelatine in hot water and add to mixture.
5. Break the biscuits and add to mixture.
6. Pour mixture into the ready cake ring with biscuit base.
7. Level and keep in freezer to set. About 1 hr.
8. Take out cake and pur in a layer of chocolate glaze (see below).
9. Return to fridge to set the glaze.
10. Decorate with either strawberries or chocolate balls (Ferrero Roche). Sprinkle with gold dust.

Chocolate glaze
80gm Dark couverture
70gm milk
1tbsp Trehalose

1. Heat milk till near boiling point and trehalose together
2. Turn off flame and add in coverture and stir till dissolved (no lumps).
3. Cool before pouring onto the cake.



I kept the decoration simple with butterfly candles.
Phoon huat sells so many different varieties of candles including train set, golf bag and footballs.
My 6 yr old niece has pre-ordered one from me for her birthday!

I can’t wait to bake one for husband, each niece and nephew, mom, dad and my brothers. :-))



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