Eco-friendly Asia

Before bio-degradable plastic plates were invented, Asia has been and still using environmentally friendly plates.  Nature provides the best plates. Instead of thinking of sandwiches and pies, why can’t we return to some of our Asian favourites.

1. Japanese bamboo rice bundle. Fast food before McDonalds

Japanese rice

Japanese rice

In Japanese Kaiseki, the rice is served last. Patrons who cannot finish their rice, get to bring it home, doggy-bag without paper.

Leftover rice for tomorrow's breakfast

Leftover rice for tomorrow’s breakfast

2. Chinese glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf

Dried lotus and bamboo leaves for wrapping rice dumplings

Dried lotus and bamboo leaves for wrapping rice dumplings

3. Chinese triangular glutinous rice dumpling.

Chinese Zongzi

Chinese Zongzi

Traditionally eaten during June to celebrate Duanwu Festival or Dragon Boat Festival. Legend has it that the honourable Wu Zixu was forced to commit suicide by jumping into a river. The people, in order to prevent the fishes from eating his body, threw rice dumplings instead.

So delicious is the rice dumpling, it is sold throughout the year, and every Chinese dialect has their favourite recipe.

4. Vietnamese pomelo bowls for salad

Pomelo bowl

Pomelo bowl for salad

5. Vietnamese bundles and bowls. Dispose in your stomach.


Wrapped in lettuce or rice paper

6. Thai pineapple rice bowls. (So famous, you don’t need a proof.)
7. Thai krathong for water chestnut desserts.

8. Chinese soup steamed in young coconut

Chinese rice dumpling

Chinese rice dumpling

9. Malay bamboo rice.


Sliced and served with curry


Bamboo rice

Bamboo rice

Secure a large leaf with tooth pick

Secure a large leaf with tooth pick- instant bowl

10. Malay ketupat eaten with BBQ charcoal grilled satay

11. Indian rice on banana leaves

12. Malay nasi lemak coconut rice with otah and anchovies wrapped in banana leaves.


Nasi lemak for breakfast

It even has a special sweet chilli. Everyone knows their chicken rice chilli from their nasi lemak chilli from their asam belachan chili from their Teochew fishball soup cut chili, just to name a few.

13. Peranakan kueh pie ti.

Dainty morsels of Kueh Pie Ti

Dainty morsels of Kueh Pie Ti

Sliced radish served in little cup-hats, topped with prawns and cilantro.

Ingredients for wrapping

Banana leaves, Bamboo leaves, pandan leaves, lotus leaves, Simpoh Air leaves. (Any leaf bigger than your face.)

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