Little India

Bangles s$5 each bungle

Beautiful saris for the family

Latest hairstyle from Bollywood

Latest hairstyle from Bollywood




Wanderlust Hotel

Wanderlust Hotel


Flower garland around your loved one

We regularly visit Little India in Serangoon road at night, more precisely to shop at Mustafa Centre.  Its one of the most bustling action places at night with 24/7 shopping. You name it. Curry spices, cardamom, cinnamon, cars and condominium.   You’ve 10 rows to choose from different salt varieties from Himalayan pink salt to run of the mill Maldon Sea-salt.  Sorry I’m exaggerating, I was introduced to Maldon Sea flakes when a friend living in Hanoi asked me to bring 6 boxes to her.  The supermarket Cold Storage I went to, didn’t have any, and I had to pre-order. Its that highly popular, strongly recommended by Jaime Oliver.   Mustafa Centre is so popular that they’ve a TV screen counting the number of people in the shopping mall, so as not to violate the Civil Defence safety limit, to prevent a stampede. I thought it was a marketing gimmick initially. Its not.  The alleys are narrow, and cuts across a few buildings.  The real estate of the place (thanks to an mrt station nearby) is probably worth more than the poor ROI of the display shelves.  Its a maze to navigate there.

We usually go there around 10pm so as to avoid the traffic jam and get parking around the place.  If you don’t want to drive, and only want a bagful of stuff, take the NEL line and alight at Farrer station or Little India Station.   By the way, I’ve been told by an astute observer that the things here look underpriced, by the way they’re thrown around. Somehow you get the impression that everything’s a bargain. Its not.  I’m there for the ambience.

Alight at NEL Farrer Road station and walk straight down the thoroughfare.

PSX_20141025_155826[1] PSX_20141025_155516[1]



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