BKK – 5 reasons to visit Siam Paragon

A visit to Siam Paragon deserves a post by itself.

I live in a city that invented food courts. But Siam Paragon is truly a fantastic experience.

5 reasons to visit:
1. See the vertical green wall

Vertical Green at Siam Paragon

Vertical Green at Siam Paragon

2. Convenient. Next to Siam station
3. Siam Ocean World at basement

4. Thai snacks/ spices and condiments as presents. Lemongrass and pandan tea, the rice crispy (best on BKK) and other snacks in the food gallery. Best rice crispy I’ve eaten. Fresh.

Rice Crispy with black and white sesame and honey

Rice Crispy with black and white sesame and honey

My advice is to pay a little more and get it from Siam Paragon, as the products taste fresh, turnover is high. I’ve received Thai snacks from friends who travelled here, and had to bin the food with one bite because it taste of oil gone rancid.


Thailand is a rice producer with over supply of rice – so the rice cakes are competitively priced with variations of toppings ranging from melon seeds, cashews etc. Cashews fried with curry leaves and chilli if you like spices.  For friends who love to cook, get them tom yam paste or shrimp oil.

Lemongrass tea and pandan tea boasts of toxic cleansing, calming effects and lowering blood sugar. Half the price of what you get at home.

5. Food court – where the mango for mango rice is only cut when you buy. Not earlier. The skin of Vietnam spring roll is made fresh and on the spot. So is the Tom yum soup – which means that the queue for these stalls take longer.  Get a fully refundable food card at the main entrance to purchase food.

Mango with Sticky Rice

Mango with Sticky Rice

6. Food mart is amazingly huge (like a hyermart) with rows of Perrier, Evian, San Pellegrino. Chacuterie. High end living.


[Maybe 6. Very conveniently located at the Siam Station on the Sukhumvit BTS line.]


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