Short get-away to KL Malaysia

We recently took a budget airline Jetstar to KL. Surprised by how light our bag is 3kg.

Upon arrival in KL Airport, we didn’t need to fill in a disembarkation card. The airport was quite empty.

We took the KIA transit to KL Sentral. As we had already purchased the two way MYR70 ticket earlier, all we needed to do, was print it out and scan the QR code on the gentry gates. [Keep the QR code for return journey.]

Total journey into KL = 33 mins. Free seating and there’re compartments for luggage. [As this was a long weekend, we could see the traffic jam from the window of the transit. On our return journey which was around 7pm we noticed that the route passed through palm oil plantation.]

Our hotel Aloft was next to the KL Sentral station and next to the NU Sentral Mall. Not having been to KL in 10 years, this is a good decision. [Meridien Hotel is on the other side of KL Sentral.] Breakfast at Aloft is very good because of the spread. There’s freshly squeezed orange juice – but you have to squeeze it. Nasi Lemak, Chinese porridge, noodle soup, macaroni and cheese, bread rolls, cake, salad, fruits, Chinese dim sum etc. [Problem is I can’t eat a lot for breakfast.]

By the time we checked into the hotel, it was 10.30pm, and the Mall was closed. No taxi was willing to drive into the Bangsar area so we ended up eating at a local roti canai shop next to the NU Sentral Mall, which was pretty good [Entrance facing The Loaf].

We went to Restoran New Imbi Gardens aka Soo Kee’s Son Meng Chuan Prawn and Beef Noodles off Jalan Imbi road for some fried horfun.

After lunch the next day, we went to the Pavilion Shopping Mall, which was huge but didn’t give the sense of being over-crowded. It was quite pleasant shopping there, as the shop assistants were very helpful.  Taking a monorail back to KL Sentral was not a pleasant experience. The station was packed. [Note: Bring MYR$1 notes and coins as the ticketing machine doesn’t accept dollar notes bigger than $10MYR.] We decided to chill out in Tous Les Jours opposite the station instead, and they gave us a  a coupon to allow us to board any trip within 5 days. [We didn’t check the coupon but it turns out that the lady scribbled the wrong date, of last month.]

KL Sentral = Pavilion (Use monorail)

KL Sentral = Central Market (Use LRT)

KL Sentral = Mid Valley and Garden Shopping Centre (Use KTM, one station $1MYR). Enjoyed Madam Kwan’s at Mid Valley. I think its better than their outlet in Singapore especially the famous chendol possibly because in Malaysia, the ingredients are home made, whereas the one in Singapore tasted factory made.

We took a taxi to Publika (MYR$17), bought a ticket from KL Sentral. From Publika, we took a taxi to One Utama to visit the Roof-top secret garden (MYR$13). From One Utama back to Aloft Hotel at KL Sentral (MYR$14). Publika is an area I will visit again, as I like the types of shop mix, which I’ve not seen elsewhere, quite hip unlike the area around Pavilion where you’ve the predictable high end brands.  There are art studios with workshops for children.

KL has a fabulous food scene. I regret not doing my research, daunted by the transport issue. According to my dad, who lives in KL, there’re short-cuts which the locals know.  Sadly I can’t recommend any, as I didn’t want to venture out on my own.  If you take the public transport such as the Monorail, it looks safe.  For taxis, do lock your car-door. My brother was once on a highway jam, and someone from another car got down, and went to his taxi, and tried to open his door (why? Not sure, maybe to rob him?).  He quickly told the taxi driver to lock all the doors and so the stranger couldn’t open his door.  I was with him during that trip, though I was not in the same taxi, so that was part of my memory of KL.

Nasi Lemak, Madam Kwan's

Nasi Lemak, Madam Kwan’s


Safe taxis outside KL Sentral. No haggling of prices. My type.

Pewter making classes anyone at Selangor Pewter

Pewter making classes anyone at Selangor Pewter

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