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In Culture rich Singapore, we celebrate different festivals.  Today is Diwali, the festival of lights for the Hindu. This Friday I will be wearing my Punjabi pajamas to an invitation by an Indian family.

For now, I’d like to share with you the creative works by my neighbour, T. Every year, she decorates the front of the porch (which we share) with tea lights and flowers. Usually she’ll put out jasmine flower buds (white), orchid (purple) and chrysanthemum (orange).  These are flowers easily obtained in Singapore.  Other Indian neighbours are not as elaborate, and put out tea-lights from Ikea into mini glasses.

Celebrating Festivals with candle light seems to be in every tradition. In Christmas, you’ve the Christmas candle lights. For Chinese, we recently celebrated the Moon-cake Festival or the Mid-Autumn Festival where children will carry little lanterns with candles to commemorate the night where the Han people gathered to overthrow the Mongols.

The Jews celebrate Hanukkah in Dec.  In Hokkaido winter (January), ice-buckets are filled with candle lights to form a very romantic soft effect along Otaru river.

In Christmas, I’m going to put out my Christmas tree fairy lights. Somehow lights at night have a magical effect. One day, I’ll hang them around the plants in my terrace.



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