Day 6 Jozankei Daiichi Hotel Suizantei

The morning we departed from New Prince Furano, we went for another walk around the gardens, and nearly missed our shuttle bus for the JR Sapporo Station. The Japanese operate by clockwork, and the shuttles do not wait for even 1 min.


From JR Sapporo Station, we left our bags at the train station for a day, and took a pre-booked bus (Jotetsu Bus) bound for Jozankei Onsen from the bus terminal at the south exit. Our stop was the Yukemuri No, Showa Building, Odori 2:30pm. The bus ride was 50 minutes and took us in front of the hotel.


This hotel was recommended by a Taiwanese travel guide, and I was quite pleased with it. I pre-booked a Kaiseki breakfast and dinner, which was just too much. There’re is no way your stomach can stand none stop eating.

Suizantei is a hot spring town very near to Sapporo, so the locals will take off for the weekend for a spa retreat. On our bus, was a lone Japanese traveller with only a paper bag, as we later learnt that you can walk around the hotel with the Hotel provided Japanese pajamas and slippers.

Our lovely Japanese style room, converted into bedroom with futon bedding at night and fresh tatami mat. We didn’t choose to eat in the room. At that time, it was my first Kaiseki, so we were really impressed. But I’d say that Kyushu was a better Kaiseki experience. We met a very pleasant bar tender on our first night, who mixed us a Singapore Sling – complimentary drink.  Later in the morning, he took on another role, and it appeared that he was a mid-career changer.



We were not used to going to the onsen, and only went once. But to make your trip worth it, some go in the morning and evening.

Will I visit Suizantei again?  Its not a pretty onsen town compared to those in Kyushu, as it looked over-built with huge hotels and very ugly air-con pippings jutting out from the back, very Tokyo, and not a rustic look that I’ve come to associate with certain parts of Japan. I certainly recommend the Daiichi.  There are cheaper options of accommodation in the little town, which I failed to book because of timing, but no regrets for the experience.


There are lots of free onsen baths for your legs along the walks, courtesy of the local government.



Return to Sapporo, retrieve baggage from Station. Home sweet home.
NH 843 ETD 2350 Terminal I ETA 0615 (6 Jul)

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