Best kept secret in Ho Chi Minh – Green wall at Rex Hotel









Opposite Rex Hotel, a French/Vietnamese manicured bonsai garden


Best kept secret in #Ho Chi Minh# – the green wall on the ground floor of Rex Hotel.  As you can tell from the photo, its very crowded, but we stumbled upon it, when we were at the Rex Hotel for a night time pub crawling session at the swinging roof-top bar (I had earl grey tea).  There’s a little man-made waterfall, which makes this a pleasant and cool-air conditioned environment. Did I recall birds chirping?

Aside from the courtyard, I’m not sure I’ll stay at the Rex Hotel.  I’ve not looked at the rooms, but the interior looks dated.  For the price, the New World Saigon, where US Presidents Clinton and George Bush stayed, may be more value for money.

Do the Vietnamese have green fingers.  Coming from uniquely Singapore with our beautiful road-side trees, I’m surprised by how talented the Vietnamese are, (more precisely Ho Chi Minh – I didn’t see this in Hanoi) in maintaining their greenery. I’m assuming they’re not using foreign talent to design the green wall and maintaining their plants.

Why are the trunks of the road-side trees painted in white? They’re also numbered.  Someone’s keeping an inventory of the trees and certainly maintaining them.


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