Brunei – green lungs


We were recently in Brunei, one of the best kept secrets in Southeast Asia, or so we thought. But the Chinese tourists have found this green emerald, as witnessed during Chinese New Year.

Highly recommended is the Temburong National Park.

One hour long-boat rides surrounded by pristine forest. Navigating through the shallow waters need a lot of skill. Staying overnight at the Temburong will be something for our next trip.  At night, one can see stars glistening like diamonds. Serene, surreal quietening of the soul.




Can’t keep your hands off the smartphone.


Canopy walk. Surprisingly little or not mosquito bites in the walk through the National Park. Possibly due to the well balanced ecology.



Sarawak layered Kueh Lapis – a good gift idea. Loads of butter. But delicious

Oldest longhouse still inhabited by the local families.

Brunei has some old stilt house in water too to remind them of sea nomad early history.



Photo of Sultan and his Queen displayed in the common (shared) living area

Photo of Sultan and his Queen displayed in the common (shared) living area


Behind each door is a family living area with their own living room, kitchen and 3 bedrooms. Common area where the elders congregate in the morning and the young chill out at night. Weddings, celebrations are held along this corridor where families congregate, gossips exchanged.

Iban Handicrafts





Cimbadak from the Gadong Night Market. Very fragrant – cross between Cimbadak and Jackfruit


Patchi at the Mall. Extremely rich cocoa content (fattening) Lebanese chocolates which make a good gift. Apparently, the royal family present gifts from this shop.


Roti Prata

Best Roti Prata in Brunei – RBC café at the Airport. Iskandar House of Curry with crispy roti prata (murtabak kosong) is another very good restaurant.

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