Day 5 Sukiyaki


The  red leaves are real. Green jade grape-like fruits are gingkos pierced with split toothpick to resemble cherries.  How does one get translucent sheen. There’s a firmness to the texture and yet its soft. I’m partial to the smell of steamed gingkos. I’ve tried Gingko yakitori style at Gai Gai. 




After the marbled meat is sautéed in sweet Sukiyaki sauce, it’s dipped in individual bowls filled with raw egg.



Sukiyaki at the Ningyocho Imahan Ginza, 503 Kojun Building, 5F, above Barneys New York.

Imahan has about 12 branches in Japan.  Delightful meal. Meat was well marbled. Presentation was like Ikebana decorated with seasonal flowers and leaves.  Most impressed with the dessert – yuzu sherbet and caramelised pumpkin.

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