Tiger Orchid


Tiger Tiger


Tiger at Bugis



Our tiger orchid has bloomed. After seeing the ones at Gardens by the Bay bloom,  my hope soared.  A few years ago we we were at Botanic Gardens. I think it was the launch of the SBG stamps and the tiger lily bloomed. Next to the swedish flowing fortune ball. I recalled the excitement every botanist and horticulturalist escorting the VIPs.

This must be some important flower. I thought.

I’m not an orchid lover.  Most ladies are. I don’t understand orchids.

That it bloomed is certainly L’s handiwork. He frets when they don’t bloom and when they do he thinks its because they’re sick. Plants bloom and breed in frenzy to pass off their genes when they are going to die. As you can see the sun spots on my tiger orchid.

We have a small plant which  stands at  a strappy 1.8m. I think the bat shit helps. After all they’ve been biting into my bananas, the least they could do is contribute to the ecosystem.  In some parts of the world guano is sold as fertiliser as its rich in nitrogen and phosphorus. But dangerous to humans. As bats eat poisonous fungus in the wild. So handle with care.

The sturdy flowers withstood three heavy showers over the last few days. According to most blogs I read the blooms last for 3 months. But they don’t heal the pain and scar left when the black and white Tacca died.

Elsewhere when the tiger orchids bloom they make it to the local press.  As in Brooklyn.  Read the blog to see the effort with replanting. Great post and great job.

I’ll get my Tacca one day. For now,  L’s friends try to divert my attention to my vertical green of herbs. I’m taking a break from vertical greens.

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