Visit to Senoko Fishery Port at 2am

Buy by the basket

Buy by the basket

Night's catch in Styrofoam Boxes

Night’s catch in Styrofoam Boxes





Beauty in Boots


Early this morning, we went to the Senoko Fishery Port. My SIL V suggested this visit and what an adventure.  Driving through the pitch dark night into the Woodlands area we arrived at a part of town that was bustling with activity at 2am – hauling the day’s catch for some of the best restaurants in Singapore.

Hot bods of tattooed macho men galore, that this place is run by AVA is very reassuring. Be prepared to surrender  your Identity Card to Security guards at the gantry – one per car.  The shirt-shorn men, probably did so for laundry convenience, as the fish smell stays on your shirts.

Like all great adventures, we had to be decked out appropriately.  V warned us about the slippery floor and the fishy smell which could attach on to the car seats and even your slippers for weeks on end.  Not possessing any crocs, or covered plastic foot-wear, we decided to wear our sailing booties (which had been slipping in the storeroom since our last sailing class).

The logistics preparation is another feat in itself.  V prepared two Styrofoam boxes to contain the bounty, and lined her car boot with newspaper to catch leaking smelly fish water.  Where to get the Styrofoam boxes, you ask.   Fruit-sellers at the market.  Judging by how clean and pristine the boxes look, V must have gotten them scrubbed clean before putting them into her car.  In a different age and generation, she could qualify as strong candidate for General in the Army.  A once-single Jeff Bezos was asked what quality he looked for in a future spouse, cited resourcefulness.  Sorry, she’s taken.

Most of the fish agents sell by the baskets.  Some do entertain requests from small-time buyers like ourselves, as long as we get out of the way of the excitement.   We got 1 kg of glass prawns for$15.   V got 2 silver pomfrets for $12 which if consumed at a mid-size Teochew eatery would cost #60-$80 per steamed pomfret.   (I’m not even talking about Teowchew restaurants in swanky malls.)  But one silver pomfret cost about $9 at the wet market, not a big price difference if you consider the red-eye journey and cleaning and scraping of fish scales, services which the wet market provides and ensures the distributor aka fish monger has a decent living to make.

Covered footwear to prevent itch from fish water

Covered footwear to prevent itch from fish water

Bloody sting ray before it hits your BBQ t Newton

Bloody sting ray before it hits your BBQ t Newton

Address: 31 Attap Valley Road

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