Vertical Green of Herbs

Does a well-kept balcony add to my real estate value or to my neighbour’s?


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As buildings get taller in land-scare Singapore, gardens are growing upwards.

My vertical green of garden herbs.  Keeping fingers crossed that they’ll do well.  I’ve pineapple mint, sage, thyme, basil, parsley, chilli, tomatoes, cilantro, tarragon, oregano, mint, saw tooth herb etc etc.  When it stabilises, I’m going to add ulam rajah, lemon grass.  Very soon, nasi ulam with herbs from my own garden, vertical greenery that is.

6 thoughts on “Vertical Green of Herbs

  1. I got them from a company called Chop Ching Hin. Tel 92206383.

    If you go to Hort Park. You’ll see a few vertical greens with the contractor name at the bottom. There’s a company called Greenology which I’ve not tried (because I’ve not gotten down to redesign my walls) but comes highly recommended by friends.

  2. Pots are from same company. I don’t think they have a shop. I was recommended this company by a friend and phoned them. They came and installed everything. Pots and fence. And soil and coconut husk. I didn’t get a watering system. But you can get one installed if you want.

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