Panettone Recipe – too early for Christmas


I decided to put my new Kitchenaid to test.  But more importantly, I had a pack of dried mixed fruits about to expire, and wanted to use it.  Initially I wanted to make Stollen for my brother A, but the marzipan sounds like too much work.  So my final decision, mini panettone.


2 eggs plus 1 yolk
1 tsp vanilla paste or extract
500g plain flour
11g instant yeast
100g brown sugar
200ml warm milk
200g soft butter
240g mixed dried fruits
zest of lemon
egg wash, for brushing

1. Take 100g of flour and 5g of yeast with 100 ml of warm milk. Stir together with a chopstick or the long end of a wooden spoon  until the dough comes together.  Cover with a cloth and allow to sleep for 45mins.

2.  Beat the eggs and yolk with the vanilla. In a large bowl, mix the remaining flour, yeast, sugar and ½ tsp salt. Add the warm milk and egg mixture together and combine with the dough mixture above, then beat to a very soft, sticky dough with a hook. Cover with cling film and leave in a warm place until the dough has doubled in size.

2. Line muffin tray with paper muffin cups.

3. Blend the butter, fruit and peel into the risen dough, with hook. Cut into 12 pieces and drop a piece into each prepared cup. I found the dough too stick to cut, and used a fork and spoon to divide the mixture into the cups. Cover again and leave until they are very well risen.

4. Heat oven to 220C. Gently brush the panettone with egg wash, and bake for 18 mins until golden. [My Taiwanese bread recipe book suggested cutting a cross on the pannettone with the kitchen scissors and spoon tiny amount of butter into the gap of the cross.] Eat within 3 days, or freeze for up to 6 weeks.


Verdict: I couldnt wait to eat it after it had cooled for 10 mins, and it was super soft. After 4 hours, the bread wasn’t as soft and felt a bit dry, but biting the citrus fruits gave me a fuzzy Christmassy feel.

Recipe adapted from BBC Foods.

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