Taichung City: XinShe Taichung Flower Show 2012

HSR ticket

HSR ticket

Xin She Sea of Flower

Xin She Sea of Flower

Taichung Flower Show 2012

Taichung Flower Show 2012

I’ve finally made it to Xin She, thanks to L who accompanied me to Taiwan. Believe it or not, none of my Taiwanese friends have been to Xin She, not even SC, whose sister moved to Taichung years ago, and commutes to work in Taipei twice a week via the HSR. (Journey from Taipei Main Station to Taichung – 1 stop and 45mins.)

Getting to Xin She is a navigational issue, albeit not impossible. We got a driver Mr Lin for 3000NT who picked us up from Taichung HSR and drove us to a few destinations. We found him on the internet.

First Stop- Painted village by a 90 year old war veteran who lives in Quan Chuan, one of the last of the soldiers who accompanied President Chiang Kaishek to Taiwan. As the families started moving out of the village, the old man started painting the walls of the village in vibrant colors. Now the City government has decided against tearing down the settlement.

Second stop – Taichung flower show

Flower seeds are sown over the fields with patches of gold, purple and orange. Generally, you should view it as a low-budget effort by the Taichung government to draw attention to Taiwanese agriculture (which is phenomenal). Do not have expectations of the Singapore Garden Festival or Chelsea Flower show. Nor the Duth April Tulip show. The flowers look better on camera.

Third stop – Mushroom hot-pot for lunch
Quite pricey by Taipei standards. Taipei now boasts reasonably priced restaurants, with artistic plating displays, excellent service, that you may be disappointed when you get off the beaten track.

Fourth stop – Castle
My suggestion is to avoid this stop.

Fifth stop – Lavendar Cottage
More about this on my next post.

Most tourists would proceed to Mon Coeur, Carton King and Princess Anne’s Garden. But we didnt want to rush, so we asked the driver to drop us off at Fengjia Night Market, where we spent the night. Next day, pick up by driver to Sun Moon Lake via Puli.

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