Grilling Skate



I like to eat BBQ Skate/Sting-ray at the food centres.  Recently, I saw some skate being sold at the supermarket, and got a nice piece for $3.

Check out the youtube of the recipe at Makansutra.



Banana leaf

Sambal Chilli belachan (store-bought)

 1. Oil a frying pan, and place a piece of banana leaf.  Add some pandan leaves if any.  Place skate on the banana leaf and smear large blob (one tablespoon) of sambal chilli belachan or any store-bought Asian chilli.  I recently tried chilli chinchalok, which is chilli made with tiny pink prawn paste, and thought it heavenly, but L didnt seem to like this, much preferring the sambal chilli belachan.  I didnt bother making my own sambal chilli. Cover lid of frying pan and grill for 8 mins.

2. Remove banana leaf, and place fresh portion of banana leaf on frying pan and turn skate on the other side. Smear one tsp sambal belachan on skate.  Cover pan with lid and cook for 5 mins. 

3. Test skate for doneness.  Flesh should come off easily in tiny strips.  Otherwise, return it to pan for another 5 mins.  

4. Serve with lemon or lime. Yummy.

Total preparation and cooking time: 15 mins

NB: Try to cook skate immediately, same day as when you got it from supermarket.  Otherwise, you might want to marinate in chilli while leaving it in fridge.  There’s a strong smell, for some who cannot stand it.   Soak in acidic water aka lime juice if you can’t stand the smell.  Asian chilli with prawn paste seems to mask the smell pretty well. 



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