Sweet Popiah or spring roll

Steps to wrap popiah

Steps to wrap popiah

Along the streets of Swatow, China, you still can find street vendors selling this traditional sweet snack. White spring roll paper, filled with cane sugar, sesame seeds and peanuts, including Chinese parsley or cilantro. Voila – the Teng Chang popiah as we Teochews call it. This is a memorable snack for L, as his late father used to reward him with this sweet, telling him that eating it will make him smart and good at his studies.   L must have eaten quite a lot of this.  It holds lovely memories for him.  In Singapore, this dessert is usually sold without the condiments like sesame seeds and cilantro.  Just plain cane sugar.  I managed to buy a bag when I was in Taiwan – popularly sold in night markets including one at Tamsui. Otherwise, substitute for any candy.  Its eating it rolled in white paper-thin crepes and the memory of childhood, a by-gone simple lifestyle, that is evoked when one bites into the sweetness. What’s your most memorable dish? 


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