Storm in a tea-cup: Serving soup broth with a sprig of thyme

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Fancy growing thyme in Singapore weather. Someone gave me a pot of thyme. Abuse it, he said.  Thyme grows in sunny, rocky conditions, in between pebbles in Europe. Little water. Erstwhile, I had put it in shade and watered it gingerly. Doing ok, but not fantastically, so I thought I would seek some advice from the giver.

His advice didn’t work for me.  He’s not wrong. That’s what the websites advised.   The moment I put it under hotter conditions, albeit still under shaded sunlight, it died on me.  Dried up like a thornbush.

Something to warm up your heart on a cool December evening. Add a dash of cognac.

Ingredients for soup

1. Boil stock for 2 hours. (Put in crock pot.) Stock can be vegetables, pork/ chicken/ beef bones with carrots, onions, potatoes, tomato, leek, with a bay leaf or herb satchet (thyme, oregon).  (If need be, just use ready made soup stock in a can or box.)

2. Fry sliced onions and caramelize with a spoon of butter, i.e. onions become brown and limp (about 10-20 mins depending on heat).  Pour in stock, let it boil and then turn down heat to simmer (small popping bubbles) for 20 mins.  Put a generous dash of alcohol to preference (whatever stashed away- except red wine, somehow tastes bitter for me).

3. Sieve as it looks nicer with clear consomme appearance.

4. Tie a sprig of thyme with a cotton string by handle of cup.

Serving suggestions from Pollen at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.

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