Bread, glorious bread

Man must not live on bread alone.

In Taipei, one must pay great attention to this wise saying. Or you’ll end up ballooning into the size of one.

Forget, the golden delightful pineapple nuggets. My brother said, bring back bread from a shop whose Chinese name we could not pronounce. So he gamely took a photo of the plastic bag which needed some deciphering from several friends.

When we finally walked into the shop, for a moment I thought I walked into LV in Paris. So crowded, and yes, the bread is not cheap. But there are boxes of tiny bits of samples for you to try. Freshly baked and quickly snapped up. Filled with local delights such as lychees, logan, etc.

1. Top Pot Bakery

Top Pot Bakery

Top Pot Bakery


Longan bread from Top Pot Bakery

Longan bread from Top Pot Bakery

There’re several locations, check this website for more photos:

Dun Nan (敦南)
#140, Section 2, Dun Hua S. Rd. | 台北市敦化南路二段140號1樓
02 2325 6979

2. Hogan Bakery

At Hogan, the Lichee bread as well as the Longan bread is also spectacular. As a trivia, the chef/owner won Master Baker title at the 2010 World Bakery Cup in Paris. Somehow I’m not surprised. The Taiwanese deserved to be recognised internationally for their craftsmanship.

Longan bread from Hogan

Longan bread from Hogan



I’ve failed to pick up the Longan bread from Hogan twice, and so my Taiwanese friend, made advance order for me.

L’s favourite is the savory Squid Ink Baguette with bits of bacon and chewy squid.


Check out this website for other photos and writeup:
No. 18, Alley 265, Xinyi Road Section 4, Da’an District of Taipei
No. 11, Songgao Road, B2, Xinyi District of Taipei (Xinyi Eslite store)
No. 7, Xianmin Street Section 2, B1, Banciao
No. 54-10, Kangning Road Section 3, Donghu

Panda Bread at Bread Societe

Panda Bread at Bread Societe

No. 267, XinYi Rd, Sec. 4

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