Serving breakfast for dinner – glorious egg

photo (3)

I love eggs.   Sometimes, in between a tight-schedule, I eat a hard-boiled egg for brunch. Room temperature egg, put in room temperature water into a “self-boiling” flask, and set it to boil.  Leave egg in water for 10 minutes after water has boiled.  Quick easy lazy way. [NB: If egg is not room temperature, it will crack and splatter egg whites into the pot. Messy cleaning exercise.]

Recently, CL introduced me to Heston Blumenthal (Chef owner of The Fat Duck), who incidentally also had a quick easy way to having eggs. Put egg in water, heat until boiling.  Turn off heat, but keep egg in water for 10 min to poach.  Check it out on youtube.

For interesting variation:

1. Cook egg till 3/4 boiled, runny white.

2. Tap top of egg shell, making a hole and pour into piping bag.

3.  Spoon tomato puree (mixed with light seasoning e.g. salt, pepper, thyme, olive oil to taste).  Have a light touch as you don’t want to overwhelm the egg – which is star of the show.

4. Pipe cooked egg back into shell on top the tomato puree.  Sprinkle bacon bits on top.

5. Serve egg on bed of dried grass or lemongrass or pandan leaves.

[Serving suggestions from Pollen at the Gardens by the Bay.]

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