A delightful day of baking


Recently, thanks to AK, I managed to connect with CL and AK, both avid cooks.  Being diplomatic wives and living an international lifestyle, they’ve woven baking and cooking into a fine art.   These ladies are serious.  They’re into sous vide and AK even has even worked in a pub/ eatery in NY.  And she has an MBA from a french institution in paris too, plus other pursuits – but let’s stop here.

I’m in the presence of two – they refuse to allow me to call them chefs – very good intellectual cooks.  They’ve now convinced me to buy a precise scale and precise measuring instruments.

CL is into western style cooking and AK into peranakan.

I’m so pleased to try my “wonder photo” app, and stitched together the photos.  The sous vide salmon – marinated in brine (two parts water, one part salt and sugar), cooked at 50 degrees celcius for 30mins.   Delicious, light pink in the centre, and melts in the mouth.  Lovely color, but must blow torch the outer layer for smoky finish.

Quinoa with roasted almonds, cranberry, chives, and the usual seasoning – olive oil, salt, lemon.

Delectable chicken pie with the perfect perfect short crust pastry top.  Best chicken pie I’ve eaten.  And L agreed.

Regret we didnt take photo of the lemon curd bar and AK’s peranakan buah keluak chicken.




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