Surprisingly easy dessert – Lychee gelatin: perfect for summer

Lychee Jelly

This dessert is surprisingly easy.  My husband loved it and its a perfect summer dessert for guests.

1. Soak 4 gelatin sheets in 1 cup water for 10 mins.  Place bowl over hot water and stir gelatin until fully dissolved.

2. Open can of lychee.  Pour gelatin mixture into can of liquid.  (I didn’t add sugar.  If you want to make more jelly, then add 1 tbsp for every cup of water you add. )

3.  Pour lychee/ gelatin mixture onto a pan and put in fridge for 2 hrs.

4. Serve with sprig of mint from garden.

NB:  You can substitute lychee for any canned fruits at home, e.g. peaches, longon, pineapple or mixed cocktail fruits.

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