Refreshing summer drink: Umeshu – Japanese plum wine

9 pretty plums with blusher 🙂

Table layout

Japanese plum

Plum wine from Japanese supermarket eg. Meiji

Japanese plum wine making demo

Remove stick at top

Put plum, rock sugar in clean glass canister with cap

Add rock sugar and jug of white alcohol shown earlier

Store jar in cool dry corner for 5 months. Remember to rotate the jar every 2 weeks or so to allow sugar to spread evenly during fermenting process. Resist temptation to open jar before then.

If you’re keen on japanese plum wine.  Do try this at home.  Generally, you can make peach, lemon flavoured wine.  Perfect for family or close friends who have everything. DF who brought me to this event, is going to give her brother as a surprise Christmas gift.

I’m not fond of alcohol.  L is not fond of home-made alcohol, somehow he gets a headache.  Ironically, why am I blogging this. Because I love to learn new stuff and anything related to plants!

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