Dessert for hot summer: How to make Japanese Plum Wine Jelly

Preparing the table for Plum Wine Jelly

Melt gelatine sheets

Ice-cold water

Gently dissolve gelatine sheets with sugar stiring constantly

After gelatine melts, stir over ice cold water to help coagulation

Add plum wine – own discretion

Prepare preserved plum or any fruit of choice

Divide plum into little containers

Continue stiring over ice-cold water

Divide into individual serving portions

Torch away the alcohol – but this is not necessary if not serving children. Keep clear of the sides of plastic cup

Cool in fridge for an hour and serve. Decorate with a sprig of mint from your garden pot

This demonstration is from one of my favourite Japanese restaurants on Mohammed Sultan road. Name slips my mind, but its during a demo session which Debra brought me.

A light refreshing dessert.  I don’t drink alcohol, so I’ll substitute for something lighter like clear pomegranate juice.

Have fun.

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