Colored leaves for the bathroom – Caladium Bi-color

After feeding compost/ fertiliser, the colored spots appear

No feeding of compost – lacklustre

One of my favourite plants.  We’ve gone through a few cycles with this plant.  I nearly destroyed it by leaving it at the stairway facing strong sun. It wilted, and I brought Caladium into the bathroom to heal.

After a while, it recovered but never got its beautiful pink and white streaks back. Until L – the fertiliser man decided to add fertiliser.  Voila.  At one stage, L was collecting caladiums.  According to the Nparks 1001 plants its a shade plant and loves water.

If you love colored leaves, and want something to decorate indoors, caladium is a good alternative, instead of the typical moneyplant.

In its original full splendor bought from JM nursery

Caladium Humboldtii bought from supermarket

Older caladium Humboldii

Still trying to figure out why the Caladium Humboldtii is not doing well in the bathroom although it likes moist shady conditions.  But L says it costs only $1.90 from the supermarket, so let’s start afresh. 🙂

My simple pleasure, a water crystal

Caladium Bi-color

Calathea Warscewiczii







Calathea Warscewiczii, could be mistaken for a Caladium.  I love the purple leaves and white-rose like flower.  Loves lots of shade and lots of water.  Another plant rescued in the bathroom!  I think the calathea is part of the ginger family, but not the caladium.

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