Phyllo Cup with Tuna Filling + Chives


After a lunch at Cheng’s place, I’m re-inspired to start experimenting with cooking.  Thank God, I’d a little break.    I’m one person who needs a lot of gearing up, mental psyching up to try something new.   I think it boils down to fear of the unnknown and making mistakes.

So, I spread out my action tasks, and bought phyllo pastry from Cold Storage- Great World City.  NTUC Finest doesnt have it.  Nor does Cold Storage at Vivo and certainly not Giant. So I drove all the way to Cold Storage, saw the frozen spinach, and decided not to buy it. Only to discover that the Cold Storage at Vivo sells only essentials, doesnt have phyllo pastry nor frozen spinach.

I’m not sure if that’s the picture of chives, but I planted the seeds from packet I bought from supermarket, and emptied it with the heliconias.  It bore yellow flowers. And I used chives in my phyllo cup snack.

Its so delicious and posh and simple to make.

Defrost phyllo pastry sheets. Take 4 sheets, and spread butter, in between the sheets.  Cut into 12 squares and bake in muffin tins. Ensure that the sheets are pushed flat into tins.  Bake for 10 mins.

Filling:  Canned tuna + riccota cheese, yogurt, dijon mustard, pepper, lemon + shallot + chives. Basically I discovered, just mix whatever you like and have in your fridge with sufficient seasonings to taste.  I hunted for riccotta cheese from Cold Storage, and its so expensive!!! $10.20 for a small tub when I could have substituted for cottage cheese.  Next time I’ll use blue cheese or goat cheese as I like my cheese strong.

I’ve always struggled with finger food at parties.  No more. Phyllo cups will be my answer.  Its so easy to make and light.  Next time I’ll gather enough momentum to make apple strudel with phyllo pastry.

My above recipe was inspired by “Muffin Tin Chef” by Matt Kadey. Great ideas on bite sized servings and good use of my muffin tins.  Can’t wait to try his chicken rice cabbage rolls, baklava cups, mac n cheese. Carrot cake in bite size. So easy to share food at a picnic and control portions.

Creative twists on using muffin tins on traditional recipes. This man is a genius. Although he credits his boss for pushing him to come up with ideas on using muffin tins.


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