Most successful vertical green: passiflora

The passiflora is thriving at a little space on the balcony beside the bourganvillae.       Who would have thought that this is the only place in the entire apartment that its happy with.  We have another purple passiflora which has not flowered since.

I once propagated seedlings from the passion fruit. L coached me into it.   We saw a lovely plant at Bah Soon Pah nursery but L suggested that I propagated my own.   It was a messy exercise because to be sure, I propagated a number of seedlings from a buah-su-su that I bought from supermarket.   Unfortunately, the vines never flowered, and L chopped them off as it didnt seem like they would fruit.  He later learnt that these are not the same genus.  By then, I’d lost my fascination with the passiflora.

But all’s well, L has found a perfect spot for the passiflora and we’re so pleased with it.  The russelia is another great fine, more about it later.

One thought on “Most successful vertical green: passiflora

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