Be dazzled at the Singapore Garden Festival 2012

Wowed by the entrance to the Singapore Garden Festival – are these real vines?


Real roots or vines? What do you think?

Frog turning into guards and not prince charming? Topiary moss

Orchid arrangements at the Rest-stations






Alice in Wonderland?

This year’s Singapore Garden Festival 2012 at Suntec Convention Centre promises to wow your sensory experience.

The pictures shown here is only the entrance to the Level 6 centred around the theme of fantasy story tales.  The effect is magical and promises to wow young and old alike. There’s something for everyone, transporting you into a magical wonderland.

Amazingly, the concept and ideas are put together by the SBG team at the Singapore National Parks Board.  Four years ago, I was wowed by the entrance and the grasshopper/ honey bee mascots.  Two years ago, by the golden shower valley.  Last year, by the white winter wonderland effect created for the Orchid Show at the Marina Bay Sands.

This year, the team beat themselves again. Who says Singaporeans are not creative?    Watching them put everything together, some of these topiaries have been constructed to be portable.  The team was working way past 11pm last night, some former staff came back to help.  Creativity, camaraderie and ceaseless pursuit of excellence.  We see the beauty of their creations.  Last night I witnessed the hard hard hard work put into it.  Months of preparation.  Certainly not over-shadowed by the iconic Gardens by the Bay opening.

Cudos (kudos) and congratulations everyone!!!

You’ve not visited entrance to level 4, nor seen the competing entries yet. More photos to come as the judges are putting in hard work too, deciding between fantastic, awesome and excellent entries. Tough choice, we don’t envy them.




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