Everyday Alchemy

Butterfly with the Breadflower

Last night I was captivated by a documentary “Metamorphosis” by Illustra media.  This morning, our garden was graced with butterflies, rewarding my appreciation with a gift of their presence.

While metamorphosis process is pontificated in management books on organisational design… what I learnt from biologists interviewed was nothing short of  awe-inspiring wonder.

A chrysalis is essentially a casket.   Inside the chrysalis stage, there’s no turning back.  When a caterpillar enters into the chrysalis stage, it dissolves into a DNA alphabet soup and emerges 2 weeks later with a different protein structure.  In evolution, every organism’s aim is to reproduce to ensure its survival. Entering  a chrysalis is essentially a caterpillar committing suicide knowing it will emerge better and more beautiful. Which animal would have such foresight?

All the cells need to be pre-programmed. Does the caterpillar have foresight?  It would have to even reformat its guts from eating plant material to eating nectar.  Every step of the reformating needs to be coordinated.  Adult eyes, adult legs, and even muscles to attach to the wings.

Natural selection according to the biologists, could not explain the metamorphosis of a butterfly.  challenges Darwinism design. Natural selection takes place in small incremental steps.  For evolution to have created the butterfly, it would take a miracle.

From a philosophical perspective, it is evidence of an intelligent design. To build a butterfly, you need to direct every step.  Evidence of a creator who is a designer, artist and engineer.

Men of old have sought to experiment with alchemy. Changing base metal into gold. In nature, this is an everyday occurrence, water, soil, air – a thing of beauty emerges.

One thought on “Everyday Alchemy

  1. I have always been fascinated by how nature transform air, water and minerals into plants and flowers of different shade, colours and scents. It is indeed alchemy at work.

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