Bloom in the face of adversity – a lesson on resilience: Wrightia Religiosa

“Pluck off all the leaves of the Wrightia to make it bloom.” Advice from CG

“Do this 3 weeks before Chinese New Year. It will bloom in time.”

She’d seen nursery helpers, armed with gloves, strip off leaves from the wrightia to provoke blooming.

When the plant is stressed, it blooms. Stripping the leaves off, instead of pruning the branches, keeps the overall shape intact. Defoliation.

In nature, being threatened provokes plants to fight back and flower – go into fruit-bearing mode to ensure continuous survival.

I tried CG’s method. It worked.  My Wrightia Religiosa bloomed.  4 weeks on, still signs of continuous blooms.

We didnt have a healthy plant to begin with. L picked it from the recycling bins, left by the neighbours.  It was regularly attacked by mites, and I had to continuously brush off the mites from the branches, prune it.  Hence, when it didnt flower, I was just thankful that its still surviving.  Another sun-loving plant.

Also known as the Water Jasmine or Shui Mei in Chinese 水梅, its lovely scented flowers drop from branches.  Clusters of flowers like delicate Pearl Drop Earrings.  Inspiring Indonesians to call it “Anting Putri” – Princess Earrings. Its also popular in Thailand around temples – perhaps because the pendant flowers  symbolise humility despite such fragrance and delicate beauty.

It can be propagated via long green seed pots.  Sometimes baby shoots grow from the side. CG has trained baby Wrightia into bonsais. Check out this blog of wrightia bonsais. Picture this with rocks and koi and a cup of Jasmine tea – makes any garden look like its leaped out of a Chinese landscape painting. 🙂

Shot from the bottom up

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