De-cluttering for the new year

In a short space of 1.9m by 0.4m – small water feature, we’ve 10 genus of waterplants.

Water feature in happier times

1. Fragrant Pandan

2. Thalia dealbata Fraser

3. Scouring Rush -Water bamboo from bali (apparently an ancient plant that was dominant about 360 million years ago.)

4. Whorled Pennywort

5. Waterlily (with purple flowers)

6. Waterlily (with pink flowers and leopard striped leaves)

Water lily and water lettuce in happier times

7. Dwarf Papyrus

8. Duckweed

9. Water lettuce.

10. Pickerel

Until the hot weather has done havoc with the plants. There was literally a jungle out there with every waterplant over-extending its space not forgetting the long tentacle-like roots under the surface.  The poor fishes fighting for space to breathe.  Time to bring out the shears and create some balance in the eco-system.

Decluttering is tiring, painful, and merciless. It looked like I was killing healthy flourishing plants.  And leaving a wake in the process.

Decluttered waterfeature

The end result – ugly muddy water. Bare. Dirty. Messy.

My walking partner told me a de-cluttering story of how she and her mom argued about throwing away paperbags to clear the storeroom for CNY.

Ouch, sounds like me.

So I cleared my storeroom too.  And now the plants.

And toxic habits, thoughts, emotions. It gets ugly. Looks messy.

In a few days, the water will settle. And the plants will take shape.

But my fishes will appreciate the extra space to breathe.  So will I.

Today, a greenish-yellow dragonfly landed on the waterplants.  The new has come.

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