How to create a Balinese style garden

Frangipani blooms floating on stone pot

Heliconias for a lush look

Balinese style gardens are the rage in Singapore.  Possibly because the Tropical weather permits the growth of such plants. You don’t need huge space to create a sanctuary of rest and meditative peace.

Repeated design of Bird's nest fern

Open air shower

Plant choice

1. Plumeria/ frangipani – there’s a variety of colors to choose from. Either yellow, white, pink, shocking pink or even yellow with pink fringe.  I’ve a marcotted one with 3 different colored blooms (although they never bloom at the same time).

2. heliconia – the rostra (lobster claw or firecracker), Nikeriensis,  A genus with 100-200 species.

3. Torch ginger

4. Ferns – boston, staghorn, bird’s nest

5. Alocasias

Bird's nest fern

What’s presented here, is of course, DIY types and easy to maintain.  (Some of the photos are taken from resorts in Bali, are not for commercial use. Do not use them for your own websites as they are taken for personal amusement.)  You don’t need much color or variety for a chic garden.


1. Stone lanterns

2. Stones and pebbles

3. Stone carving

4. Volcanic rocks

5. Moss-filled Water feature

6. Strips of wooden flooring

Vertical wall of layering aka padi fields


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