Super trees – a magical evening at the GB

You’ve come a long way, Super Tree




GB – You’ve come a long way.

Seeing the Super-trees lined with bromeliads reminded me of the prelude to the construction of the Eiffel Tower.  When Gustave Eiffel was constructing it, many critics called it an eye-sore.

I wonder how many detractors of the Super-Tree were silenced when they saw the Super Trees in their glorious splendor at the magical (raining) evening on 13 Nov.  You can still catch them till 20 November 2011 aka 20/11/2011.  What a magical way to spend the day with your family.  Held in conjunction with the 20th WOC in Singapore.

Can’t wait to catch the National Geographic feature on the construction of the Gardens by the Bay.  I understand that the latest technology on energy conservation was used, to ensure that the entire place is cooled to “greenmark” standards.

Congratulations  GB team!!!