Gardens by the Bay: Preview

Front signage of Gardens by the Bay

Watch out for the Baobabs looking like overweight soliders all standing in a role. I was told they are a few hundred years old.  Seen in the night, there’s a magical air of surprise, apprehension and mystery in the air.


Monkey Puzzle Tree close up of thorns

My favourite is the Monkey Puzzle Tree. Imported from Chile, it was prized for its ginko tasting nuts. How did it get its name?  Urban legend has it, according to the curator, when it was first imported into Britain, someone commented, it would puzzle a monkey to climb that, since its leaves are covered with thorns. It is considered a vulnerable species by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature as its timber is exploited illegally. If anyone can get hold of it.  What with the many thorns.

Monkey Puzzle Tree



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