20th World Orchid Conference, Singapore 2011

I was at the World Orchid Congress held in Singapore at the MBS Expo area for the Opening night on 12 Nov 2011.  The show will be held till 20 November 2011.

For the price of the ticket, you get a free show at the Garden dome at the  Gardens by the Bay from 14- 20 November.

I’m so pleased that the Thais decided to come, despite the flood in Bangkok. They had 5 displays and one winning entry for the landscape display.  Well deserved entry, considering that the extremely tall height of the ballroom.  Their display had sufficient height and depth.  If you’re looking out for it, in the huge forest of orchids, just listen out for the sound of waterfall.   So its not just that the Thais are expert orchid handlers, they are also strategists in considering the features which help them stand out.  Also the exquisite detailing, such as moss on branches, and unique orchids on the landscape flooring.

I’m not an orchid expert, nor an orchid expert, but they deserved their win.  The landscape theme for some Asian countries seem to be rustic, idyllic or setting among ruins.

Catch also the WOC gift shop, where books, WOC first day covers by Singpost and plants can be bought.  I bought an Orchid Vanilla tea which I’m very pleased and will give it as a Christmas present. Since I’m not good with orchids, I bought a Tillandsia.

Displays in the entrance by Nparks staff

Entrance to the WOC

Stanhoopea jenischiana var E. redigasiana - using airplant to cover base

Parawanda Nelson Mandela - named after Nelson Mandela by Singapore

Cattelya - spectacular big flower

Philippines exhibit

Philippines exhibit 2

Thai exhibit: well balanced height and depth

Thai exhibit: moss on branch, attention to details

Thai exhibit - excellent landscape detailing

Thai exhibit

Indonesian exhibit 2 - Idyllic lifestyle

Indonesian exhibit 1

Vertical wall display by Singapore flowers importers supported by AVA

New Zealand exhibit

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