Vertical Green

What do you do with a lone stretch of balcony space, with a wall 2 storey high?  We toyed with ideas like a water-fall, certainly can’t compete with the tallest man-made waterfall in Bird Park.  Our ID recommended a Japanese water feature with Zen-like stones/ pebbles. Not bad.  Or pygmy bamboos with a trough like container.   Maintenance. L is concerned, who’s going to sweep up with shedding leaves? Turns out he’s absolutely correct, bamboos shed like crazy.  Daily. That was a rhetorical question, because the answer is certainly, not him.  And he knows I won’t do it.  Then we thought of getting the white stacked boxes from Far East Floral. Or putting an alocasia macro-rhizo.

To this day, we cannot resolve who thought of putting the fishing line idea for the vines to creep upwards.  So we had an elephant climber, which loved the sun.  And I loved the big leaves and purple flowers.  Until the December rains came, and the elephant climber grew too straggly, and its leaves started turning yellow and shedding.

Climbers and vines naturally grow upwards, and you don’t have to worry about training the creeper up on the fishing line. It finds the life-line and twines clock-wise, or so we were told by K.  But you have to worry about it being too thin at the bottom. Climbers focus all their energy growing upwards. So when they’re young, twine a few loops around the bottom.

We have the elephant climber, the Aristolochia leuconeura, the Jade Vine and the stephanotis floribunda (bridal veil vine)

Jade vine is not the best idea in an apartment, especially one with full sun as ours.  But having passed the word around that I was looking for it. I had to buy it.  Be careful what you used for, you just might get it.  If we have a huge garden, then jade vine certainly makes sense. In any case, vines tend to be invasive.  I like the Rangoon creeper and all the other creepers at Hort Park. but they are better fitted for larger territories.

I’ve two pots of self-propagated coral vines rewarding me with pretty pink blooms which I’ve blogged earlier.  We have a bauhinia which is not doing too well, and bleeding heart vine as well, and hoya. Will share more about our hoya another time.

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