Batman strikes again

Next target for propagating

Looking like a schnauzer begging for treats

Close up, perky ears and whiskers

Gaping like a snake

We have 2 bloomings from the Bat Lily this year. Once just before Chinese New Year, and second time now September 2011 !!

Humidity, fertiliser.  I water thoroughly on alternate days, preferring to let the soil dry a little.   I don’t subscribe to the school of thought that the bat lily requires wet soil.  Wet is such a subjective term.  Learnt the mistake first hand, when L insisted on repotting my baby Tacca into a bigger pot when it had not outgrown the first one. When it showed signs of limp leaves, he continued to water them.  Such an expensive mistake.  He has now learnt that young roots are subject to root rot if there’s too much watering.  I’m going to use his disposable income to buy me another Tacca at the next Garden Festival.  As of now, I’m trying to germinate my own Tacca.  Apparently, it takes 9-12 mths to germinate from seed. My next purchase will be the Tacca Chandrieri, black bat lily.

I think it looks like a schnauzer.  Can pass off as a rabbit, and this being year of the Rabbit, I suppose its a good omen. Second, we’ve had bats flying into the apartment.  My cleaning lady warns me that they scratch your face. And then, she remarks, (I would swear she was licking her lips), that bats are very nourishing for your body.  And I think the comment that bats scratch was probably in the context of her fantasising catching one, and cooking it in a double-boiler.

Bats are good omen, I’m told. Empress Dowager Cixi used to have motifs of bats all over her palace.  Sc reminded me that the Chinese name for bats has the same tone as good fortune” as it is “bianfu” 蝙蝠. 

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