Choose something like a Star

One of the luxuries I indulge when I’m sad, is to sit on the swing, and sing.  Today, while sweltering in the heat, my eyes turned to the starfruit tree. Usually my attention is fixed on the pretty pink blossoms, barely 2 mm in diameter, spread in bunches around the bare branches of my starfruit tree in a pot.  Today, I’m amazed, because for the first time, I noticed the tiny jade earrings hanging out of the pink blossoms and noticed, that the whole tree is  fruiting.

And I counted, 50 tiny starfruits, barely the size of my fingernail, all hanging like tiny parcels of promises, with potential to grow into luscious orange starfruits.

In King Solomon’s garden, he has spices such as spikenard, etc which Paul extrapolated representing the 9 fruits of the spirit. In my garden, the starfruit definitely represents gentleness.  Known as carombola, the starfruit tree needs full sun, and is not too particular about soil. Although initially, when in shock from being shifted around different corners of the apartment, its leaflets were perpetually folded.  Why gentleness?  Hmm.  Its the best antidote to the summer heat, when one is affected by colds and coughs and sore-throat. Probably boils down to Vitamin C.  Though, anyone with kidney problems and gout have to be careful not to consume too much starfruit.

How to eat the starfruit? After trimming off the tips of  its 5 ridges, cut cross-section, in 2 cm pieces, rendering star-shaped pieces. I marvel that the 5 ridges conform to the Fibonacci sequence in nature: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13.  What does this mean? It means its safe to eat. 🙂

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