Railway Corridor

On Saturday I went on a looong walk along the railway corridor. 4 hours – 13km. Quite a leisurely stroll, except that half the time I was looking down at the rocks, occasionally looking up at the beautiful canopy of leaves.

We started off at 6.30am at Jln Bukit Merah, with groups of different affiliations, NGOs like the Nature Society, Green Corridor, others from grassroots. The dark morning lent a clandestine air and helped ease conversations with strangers. If you think that’s early, we bumped into people who started off at 4am from Woodlands.

Stories were exchanged of how hawkers would jump onto the slow moving trains, and push their breakfast wares onto very hungry and grateful passengers. I half expected these hawkers would mysteriously spring out from the woods with coffee/tea, nasi lemak to wake me up from my stupor. (Like they do at the Taiwan field training.) None did.

The track seemed unending as I dreamt of my teh tarik and my husband was thinking about his “bak cho mee” (that’s what he told me)… and eventually we completed our walk half-way at The Rail Mall.

Architecture co-existing with nature.
Fallen trunks overtaken by Lingzhi and mushroom.
People from all walks, and shoes. Some on bikes, some with dogs and others with children. Open to public till 17 July.

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