Welcoming Year of Rabbit

Cool weather in January, with unprecedented heavy downpour – we’re blessed with an unexpected flowering of our Tacca or Bat Lily on 18th January.    Doesn’t it look like a black rabbit.

2 more buds were spotted, but wilted, as the weather turned warmer just towards Chinese New Year. Nonetheless, very pleased with this unusual bloom. Never count your chickens, and L was hoping for 3 blooms.  The small pot we bought from Garden Festival unfortunately didnt last. More because L transplanted it to a bigger pot. He just wouldnt believe that plants are traumatised by re-potting and its difficult to get the watering right. When the pot is too big, the roots rot from excess water accumulation. At least that’s my theory.  The Tacca baby plant was expensive. Probably about $40+?

What kind of dog do you think it looks like? Two big ears, and whiskers. Schnauzer?

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