Scented garden


Thai gardenia is a plant with strange looking flowers that look like small windmills. When they first open, the flowers look white, then turn palish yellow within a day before turning into orange or orangish-yellow.  The greenish buds take very long to open (up to 3 days) and sometimes buds fall off before they open. (L told me to prune them off as we werent sure if they were new shoots or flower buds given the long time they take to flower.)  The blooms last 2 days before falling off, but you're rewarded for the long wait with lovely fragrance and explosion of color.   When need alternating days of extreme hot sun and lots of water, preferably torrential rainfall to flower. 



Gardenia.  We're very pleased that after 4 months, the gardenia has bloomed.  Flowers last for only one day in our hot roof-top. But smell amazing.  Then they get into a sticky brown pulp charred by the blazing sun.  Some friends have told us that their gardenias have never bloomed.  We've not done anything special except to repot, fertilise, and ensure it gets lots of sun and water.



Other scented flowering plants we've on our roof-top

1. Breadflower

2. Muraya or Orange jasmine

3. Plumeria





2 thoughts on “Scented garden

  1. Hello! I just want to say I enjoy reading your blog, and thank you for this post because I finally know the name of my plant with yellow and orange flowers – I love my Thai Gardenia. Thanks! lala

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