Would you believe that the two pots were planted from cuttings of the same height at the same time. The one on the left was in a smaller pot. (I didnt have enough pots and when they were cuttings it didnt matter.)  Its growth was stunted as a result.

The picture above shows the plants after I’ve changed pots to similar size.


 When I remove it from the pot, it had a fabulous root system.  Quite apparent to a reluctant me that the pot was too small.   Within 3 days of re-potting, new leaves appeared.  After one week, the plant shot up and started flowering.  Contrast it with the picture above.  Of course, the plant on the right continued growing and I was able to make more cuttings from it.

The yellow vein Eranthemum is a lovely filler plant with pretty white flowers.  Easy to grow from cutting. Thrives under hot condition and needs daily watering.   The flower tip droops at 4pm, if they dont have enough water.






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