Plants and their Allies


Bird’s nest fern or Asplenium nidus seen here at the SBG makes an attractive crowning glory for a vertical wall under shady conditions.  It reminds me of a red indian chieftain’s head-gear framing a handsome stoic face.  Sometimes you can see these ferns sitting forlorn at the road-side, when the tree branch carrying this heavy majestic frond could no longer support its weight.


IMG_0376 The leaves are long, slim and shiny green with smooth edge, spores on the underneath and a black mid-rib. The fern reproduces through spores which spread far and wide. Here, on the planter box of my balcony, 2 ferns have nested in to form luxurious ground-cover.



Bird’s nest Ferns at the Garden Festival, now a popular landscaping mainstay accompanied by silver ferns as ground cover.


Selaginella  as ground cover. It needs lots of shade and has a bluish-green shimmery tone.


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