Dracaena Marginata Tricolor


Our dracaena marginata tricolor was getting straggly. I had to tie branches to poles  as otherwise they topple over after the rain, weighed down by the strong wind and rain-water.  Unsightly.

L told me to just saw the straggly parts off. I'd no idea if he knew what to do, or one of his weird brain experiments.  Within a month, lovely pink shoots, of a more vibrant color than the original, grew from the sawn off parts. 



Of the sawn pieces, I cut off the leaves, and stuck them into a pot of burnt soil. Gave a good watering and left in the sun, subject to only rain water.  Viola, now another pot of dracaena (picture here) after 5 weeks.   The roots grow out from the side of the stems, and take about 3 weeks.  So dont make my mistake of pulling the stems out, even if you do not see shoots and only 2 dry sticks.  Thankfully, this hardy plant didnt mind my abuse, and continued growing happily, after I pulled the stem out and stuck it back again on seeing the lovely side root formation.  


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