Alocasia Macrorrhizos

Alocasia Macrorrhizos Metallica at the nursery.  The large elephant leaves look like mini umbrellas, and I imgaine children in the tropics, running home in the rain, with one of these leaves, whilst caught in a sudden downpour. I like the ones with black stems – the metallica rather than the more common green stem ones although both stir my heart. 


IMG_0029 Nursery didnt say anything about plant not suitable for roof-top gardens until I surfed the net.  Its a long way before our nursery in Singapore can advise on plants. Someone once commented that if your plants survive too well, then nursery will have no business.  Enough said.  Alocasia Macrorrhizos are not suitable for roof-top gardens or anywhere with strong winds because the wind tunnel will tear at the leaves.   On the second day, the wind tore a small hole in the centre of the elephant leaves and ripped sides.

Magnificient and stately standing in the sunset.  However the strong sun caused the leaves to turn yellow and often I've to amputate the limbs.  I'm pleased to say that the leaves grow back quickly.  The hollow curvature of the stems collect water, so have to put some mosquito repellant stuff especially when NEA comes to visit.  They visited me once this year already.



 Probably due to the stress of amputated limbs, my alocasia often produces araceous flowers, about 4 times this year.  Because it grows by the tuber system, if you grow it in a pot, make sure its a huge pot. This also means that vines and other wild plants share the space.


Alocasia gives the tropical retreat feel and can grow to about 2m in height.  





Give it a big enough pot, and the tuber root system will reward with lots of baby alocasia.  I've removed one of them 3 days ago to repot in a smaller pot. Lets see if it works.








Variegated Alocasia Macrorrhizos, somehow the varigated form reminds me of a designer bag and the picture on the right.  Horses-optical-illusion

3 thoughts on “Alocasia Macrorrhizos

      • Thanks for your reply Joanne.
        I understand you are a fellow hobbyist, which was why I was hoping that you might have a small specimen to spare, as those on sale at nurseries are too large for me.
        Nevertheless, really appreciate your response and your informative blog post!

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