Herb Garden


My own herb garden for an otherwise roof garden exposed to too much sun. 

Passion fruit in the foreground – grown from seed of a fruit purchased from NTUC Fairprice, curry leaf –  grown from cutting from my mom – chilli plant – grown from seed and Thai basil.

If you notice the tiny black flower on the Thai basil, it needs to be removed to prevent the Thai basil from becoming too woody.   You dont want it to focus too much energy on flowering and producing fruit.


 All plants pictured here are sun loving and needs lots of water.

Dill used in steaming/ grilling fish.  Also pretty as hedges or cover hideous pipes.

Rhoeo Spathacea “Moses in a basket”. The Chinese IMG_0168[1]boil the purplish leaves and drink it.However, only after the brackets or clam-like structures appear, is it edible.  Be careful when you break off the leaves as the sticky sap causes itchiness to your skin. When I was young, my mom would take about 5 leaves and boil with water until its purplish-pink, add rock sugar.  We drink this when the weather is extremely hot, as it helps cool the body.  


On right of the Thai basil, I’ve planted some laksa leaves. The scent of the Thai basil can be over-whelming and left undisturbed, can grow quite bushy. I’ve to trim it down so that the laksa leaves get more sun.  Otherwise, white fungus like mould can be found under the leaves.





Other suggestions for herb garden – pandan leaves grown in sand or water.  Here, they’re grown in an ikea vase in water, as part of the water feature.  We’ve fighting fishes in the pot and L has installed an ingenious filter system with use of lava rocks.



Cat whiskers or Orthosiphon aristatus also known as Java tea. We got to plant this because someone recommended it as an old remedy for treating kidney stones.  Flowers are either white or purplish.   Apparently, the leaves contain potassium and glycosides orthosiphonin believed to dissolve uric acid, phosphate and oxalate from the body.  Take the fresh leaves and boil with 1 litres water until half left. Drink 3 times a day until stones are passed out.   L’s brother who’s into Chinese medicine didnt mention about this plant, so probably this is a peranakan medicinal concoction.

Limau Purut is another plant I’m getting next. The first limau purut I bought from world farm didnt survive. The roots were not established.  Paid $15 amd it was probably a cutting and I left it in full sun with no water.  When I dug up the soil, I found that there were no roots.    After my Egypt trip, I’ll get another limau purut. I love the smell of the leaves. 

One thought on “Herb Garden

  1. the dill in the Photo is often mistaken as dill look and smells like dill This is what most plant experts call the false dill …. the plant scientific name called Artemisia species ( Artemisia californica) or wormwood.

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