IMG_0212 The base of the pot can look quite bare and unsightly.  One way is to mulch it with bark and cocoa chips preventing excessive dehydration. Or to plant some ground cover.  If your pot is deep enough, put small pots of removable



Another favourite ground cover and sun-lover. The shimmery purplish green leaves with tiny white flowers of the Hemigraphis alternata or the red flame ivy filled the base of my custard apple tree nicely.  It took one week for the cuttings to be established.   All these cuttings came from one small parent plant bought at a store at Singapore Garden Festival 2010 for $3.50.  My cuttings have filled 3 pots in total, including for the elephant climber and the star-fruit tree.  



IMG_0377 Ground cover at the balcony – cuphea hyssopifolia or false heather bought for $1.90 and now a lush hedge.  Cuphea looks nicer when there's ample space for it to spread out.




Other ground covers include wandering jew.  It takes root quite fast, but spreads slowly.   I've also used mint as a ground cover with my plumeria.  So far, the easy-to-grow spearmint hybrid is doing well.  Whilst my apple and pineapple mint died within the first week.  Growing it in a pot is also one way to contain the growth of mint which can overtake your garden.


My favourite is the portulaca.  Here at the base of my chiku tree is the single petal fuschia portulaca grandiflora cultivars.  All propagated from stem cuttings. Portulaca loves hot sun. IMG_0477[1]

It can survive in dry conditions, but it needs a lot of water to flower.  Here in this pot, I planted portulaca of similar color – consistency has a rhytemic quality to it. With my heliconia, I experimented with multi-colored ones. So far, I've not been successful with planting them in a hanging basket.



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